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Representative Alcee Hastings Under Investigation

The Wall Street Journal reports Rep. Alcee Hastings (ANTI-FL) is under investigation for sexual harassment. Hastings has quite a history. He was removed from the federal bench by the Senate following his impeachment by the House for allegedly conspiring to … Continue reading

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Obama Makes A Speech

I see President Obama made a speech in El Paso. Here is an excerpt of that speech, taken directly from the White House web site. Quoting the President: “ The Border Patrol has 20,000 agents — more than twice as … Continue reading

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Group Wants Clarence Thomas Disbarred

A “Missouri” group, Protect our Elections, wants Clarence Thomas disbarred. While this would not in itself throw Thomas off the Supreme Court, it would open the way for Atty General Eric Holder to open an investigation that could. This explains … Continue reading

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OT: Someone at Democratic Underground Says Solving Japan's Problem With Runaway Reactors Is Simple.

Someone at Democratic Underground says the solution to Japan’s tsunami damaged nuclear reactors is obvious. All they have to do to get those reactors under full control is to nationalize them. Like Chernobyl’s reactors were privately owned. I only mention … Continue reading

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Time: "Obama's Silence On Gun Control Pleases No One"

Time Magazine (? do they still have a print edition?) seeks to explain why “Obama’s Silence on Gun Control Pleases No One Aside from the fact that Obama policies are pleasing fewer and fewer, Time seems to think more than … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Update: Ginsberg Says No Retirement Before 2012

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg says she will not retire before 2012, and she gave a broad hint that she may wait until 2016 to retire. Here’s the lady in her own words: In other news, the Soros funded … Continue reading

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Dims Pushing "Gun Safety"

The Hill reports House Democrats have suddenly come out for “ gun safety.” Briefly quoting The Hill’s item: “Judiciary Committee Democrats argued last month that it’s “imperative” for the panel’s Republican leaders to examine the nation’s gun-safety laws in the … Continue reading

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Dims Holding 2012 Nominating Convention In "US Heroin Capitol"

This is not the hottest news of the day, but Charlotte, North Carolina is the major east coast distribution center for Mexican heroin. Briefly quoting Dave Gibson’s excellent item in the Daily Examiner: “Since 2005, average heroin seizures have grown … Continue reading

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Joe Lieberman Said To Announce He Will Not Run Tomorrow

There are several reports floating around the ‘net that Senator Joe Lieberman (D-Ct) will announce that he will not seek reelection tomorrow. Lieberman has for the most part been a reliable vote for whatever the Party was footing at the … Continue reading

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"The Constitution Has No Binding Authority"

Here’s Washington Post writer, Journ-o-lister, and – is he fourteen yet? Ezra Klein; expert on the Constitution: Whose statements are typical of the breed. I hope no one sells this child alcohol or tobacco. Stranger

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