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Annealing Case Necks

Someone came searching for “how to anneal case necks.” I assume the search was for information on reversing the normal work hardening of rifle and handgun cases that occurs after a few fire and reload cycles. Brass cases will work … Continue reading

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"Why Are Guns So Cheap On The Street?"

Someone or someones dropped by looking for “Why are guns so cheap on the street.” Several reasons, including an oversupply of stolen guns with resultant very small acquistion cost, and the need for a relatively rapid turnover. Remember, Sumdood the … Continue reading

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Handloads Or Factory Loads?

Someone stopped by searching for “handloads or factory loads for self defense.” I may be a bit particular with my handloading routine, but I have loaded and fired more than 20,000 45 ACP rounds with NO misfires, failures to eject, … Continue reading

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Arizona Gun Law and Crime Rate?

Someone came by looking for “arizona gun law and crime rate.” Trying to look a bit deeper into the millstone, I would guess the search was to determine how Arizona’s new open carry law is working out. I only have … Continue reading

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2 1/4" Paring Knife = Honor Student Banned From Campus

I have been watching for the Ashley Smithwick case to play out in North Carolina. If you are not familiar with the case, Miss Smithwick accidentally picked up her fathers lunchbox, which contained a tiny paring knife with a 2 … Continue reading

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2010 Crime Stats

I get an amazing number of searches for 2010 crime statistics. And while the year will be over in a few hours, it’s not over yet. If history is a guide, the FBI will release preliminary crime rates and numbers … Continue reading

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Stopping Power

Someone came by searching for “handgun stopping power.” I think the first gun article I ever read was Julian Hatcher expounding on that very subject. It was a continuation of an old argument going back to at least the US … Continue reading

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Denninger on 2011

Market Guru Karl Denninger is out with his 2011 predictions, starting with a review of his 2010 predictions. I will let you click on the link, observing only that I generally agree with Denninger, but it think he does not … Continue reading

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Anna Chapman: "I Have A Passion For Shooting"

By way of Ananova, the UK’s Sky News reports stunning Russian Spy Anna Chapman discussed her sometimes surprising hobbies. Briefly quoting the linked news report, “Describing her hobbies, she said: “I’m a very good shot. I have a passion for … Continue reading

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I See Ezra Klein Is Trying To Understand Economics

The Washington Post’s anti-gun lefty, Ezra Klein, who says the Constitution has no binding power on anything, and he cannot understand it because it’s over 100 years old: Now reportedly says he is trying to understand economics. Teaching Klein about … Continue reading

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