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Jon Huntsman Tenders Resignation, Eyeing Presidential Run

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has reportedly handed Obama 90 days notice; and intends to “explore” a run for President. Salt Lake’s KSL has the story, as the media has it. I ate lunch with a local TEA Party member … Continue reading

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"More Restrictive Gun Laws = Less Death By Gun?" False

Someone came by looking for “more restrictive gun laws = less death by gun.” Sorry. That concept has been proven as false as the phlogistion theory of heat. For an example of the effect restrictive gun laws have on homicide … Continue reading


Grassley Write's BAT's Melson On Gunwalker Scandal

Mike Vanderboegh’s Sipsey Street Irregulars report’s Iowa’s Senator Grassley has written to Acting Chief BATman Melson concerning the “Project Gunwalker scandal and international incident. The burgeoning Gunwalker scandal involves ATF agents making a “request” that amounted to an order to … Continue reading

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"Theories Of International Politics And Zombies"

A post at the Volokh Conspiracy discusses a new book, “Theories of International Politics And Zombies, that should be right down many gunnies alley’s. From the excerpt at Volokh, it should be quite interesting. And the graphic of a female … Continue reading

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Bloomers Sending Undercover Cops To Arizona Gun Shows

New York Mayor Richard “Bloomers” Bloomberg has sent undercover New York cops to investigate Arizona gun shows. Bloomers reportedly has Presidential ambitions, and evidently thinks this sort of showboating will win elections. Despite history that says it will not. Reportedly, … Continue reading

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"Number Of First User Gun Accidents?"

Someone came by looking for “first user gun accidents.” That is an interesting question, but since no one has done the studies, one that will lead us to the “back door.” The key word is accident, of course, and with … Continue reading

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Pro-Palin Posters In Frisco; HillBuzz

New, pro Sarah Palin posters have appeared in San Francisco. HillBuzz has the story, along with the nasty anti-Palin posters this one replaced. And shamelessly stolen from Hillbuzz, is a shot of the pro-Palin poster: My next thought is to … Continue reading

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US Accidental Gun Deaths 2010

Someone came by looking for “us accidental gun deaths 2010.” It takes three years for the Census Bureau to complete their survey, so the official numbers for 2010 probably will not be out until 2014. However, from the last official … Continue reading

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US Homicide Rate 2011

Someone is starting early. They stopped by searching for “us homicide rate 2011.” We are less than a month into 2011, and one thing is very clear. This brutal winter with temperatures as low as -42 F and snow hock … Continue reading

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"Why Is The UK Gun Rate Lower?"

Someone came by looking for “why is the UK gun rate lower.” Assuming the search is for homicide rate; largely for the same reason that Jack the Ripper chose a knife when he could have purchased a “barker” for a … Continue reading

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