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En Mejico, The PRI Controlled The Narco Routes

Borderland Beat reports that former Nuevo Leon Governor Socrates Rizzo Garcia dropped a bombshell when he stated that former Mexican Presidents who belonged to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) kept strict control over drug trafficking routes; a policy that prevented … Continue reading

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"What Does Owning Numerous Guns Mean?"

Someone came by looking for “what does owning numerous guns mean.” Numerous is one of those weaseling words that has no definite meaning. It can mean anything from three or four to many thousands. So let’s define “a few” as … Continue reading

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A Cartel Sicario In North Carolina?

While data is extremely scarce, WRAL reports an Hispanic man shot and wounded two Hispanic men with a stolen sub-machine gun. Judging by weapon and shooter and victims names, this could very well be a narco-shooting. Stranger

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That Sounds Like A Gun Control Nut

I see by the Beantown Herald that Teddy Kennedy rented a Chilean cat house for a night, back in ’61. And invited one of the Embassy drivers along to share the ride. I suppose I should be surprised. I am … Continue reading

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Wyoming Governor Has Reservations About Constitutional Carry

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead has a Constitutional Carry bill headed his way. A bill that passed the Wyoming House by a margin of 48 to 8. But instead of saying he will sign the bill, Mead says he’s going to … Continue reading

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Problems With Castle Law?

Someone came by looking for “problems with castle law.” That is understandable, given the vast amounts of foam those who do not believe in self defense have generated since Castle Doctrine Laws have started proliferating. Just so we are all … Continue reading

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Illinois House Committee OK's SIX Rational Gun Bills!

Via a Topix link, Ammoland reports six pro-gun bills have been OK’s by the Illinois House Agricultural Committee. The full story of this latest sign of lawmakers rationality is at the Ammoland item, linked here. The full story is at … Continue reading

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The Chicago Way

The Sun Times presents a glimpse into the way things are done in Chicago. “Questions arise in a 2004 death involving a Daley nephew. ” Uh huh. Questions should arise in the death of David Koschman. Very many, very hard … Continue reading

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Chicas Kalashnakov, The Story Of A Cartel Sicaria

While it is off topic here, Borderland Beat has the story of a “Kalashnakov Chick,” a female Cartel assassin. The story is a fascinating read for anyone who wonders about the who,what,where,and why of Mexico’s culture of assassinations. And perhaps … Continue reading

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Chucky Wants A Background Check On All Gun Sales

The Hill reports Chucky Schumer (D-NY) wants a background check for all gun sales. Despite the fact that only a tiny minority of gun crimes are committed with a gun legally purchased by the criminal, “but Schumer says those rules … Continue reading

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