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Homicides Boston 2010

Someone came by searching for “homicides boston 2010.” The FBI has set a release date for their preliminary 2010 homicide numbers. That date is only three weeks away. Let us all wait for the official numbers to come out before … Continue reading

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2010 El Salvador Homicide Rate

Someone came by searching for “2010 el salvador homicide rate.” That is another debatable number. Officially, El Salvador had 4004 homicides during 2010. El Salvador’s population is estimated at 6,134,000, for an official rate of 65.3. However, the same caveat … Continue reading

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Gun Show Saturday

After a very short night, the gallstones, actually “gall gravel,” passed about lunch so I went on to the local gun show. It reminded me of many during the late 1980’s when there was plenty of room in the aisles, … Continue reading

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"When Will End Times Be"

Oops! Someone came by looking for “when will end times be.” I suppose Bing misread my comments on beating swords into plowshares as theological commentary. My first thought is the end times – the time when “they will study war … Continue reading

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British Justice: Threatened Woman Victimized By Police

The Telegraph reports a British woman who called 999 after she a mob of “travelers” threatened to cut her throat with a chainsaw had her shotgun and her shotgun license confiscated. Briefly quoting the Telegraph item linked above: “The 50-year-old, … Continue reading

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Lou Dobbs On Project Gunrunner

The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre appeared on CNN’s Lou Dobbs show to talk about Project Gunrunner. Here’s the video: I will only add that it is becoming increasingly clear that Gunrunner is the Obama Regimes. It started immediately after Eric Holder … Continue reading

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"Turn Swords Into Plowshares"

Someone came by searching for “turn swords into plowshares.” The reference is to Isaiah 2:4. The verse is a favorite of anti-gun activists. And, like so many Biblical quotes taken out of context, is utterly misleading when it stands alone. … Continue reading

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"Ten Rules For Liberty Guerillas"

Over at the very excellent Stop Shouting blog, there are ten rules for Liberty Guerillas. Click on the link for winged words of wisdom, their equal seldom seen. The entire post will do to print out and remember. Especially Rule … Continue reading

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"Importance Of Facts"

Someone came by looking for “importance of facts.” Indisputable fact is the best thing you can have in a debate. Especially when the other side insists on making up their own facts. That is why I almost invariably provide a … Continue reading

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John Bolton: "Obama Laying Foundation For Gun Control"

Politico quotes former UN Ambassador John Bolton to the effect that Barack Obama is laying the groundwork for a second term, and intends to push an ambitious gun control program when he is re-elected. Briefly quoting Bolton’s words from the … Continue reading

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