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"How To Live In A High Crime Area?"

Someone came by looking for “how to live in a high crime area.” Very carefully. Essentially, you can either have nothing at all of value, or you can present such a difficult target that most criminals will seek easier prey. … Continue reading

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"How Do You Increase Drop At Heel?"

Someone came by looking for “how do you increase drop at heel.” Most of the time when someone wants to add drop at heel they really need to lower the comb. So first of all, do you really need to … Continue reading

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Off Topic: What's Sarah Palin Doing?

Glancing over the Mung Stream Media today, I see Sarah Palin has confused the media. And some civilians. I see today’s reporters have never hunted – and never boxed. Sarah Palin is doing what my dad described as “keepin’ ’em … Continue reading

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The Fact And The Fiction, "Correlation Is Not Causation"

You will often hear those with no background in either mathematics or statistics say “correlation is not causation.” To an extent, that is true. Correlation is just a set of similar data. Something must occur to create a data point. … Continue reading

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The Lying Liars Who Lie…..

A story published in the Houston Chronicle and other Hearst “newspapers,” as well as being reproduced as fact in Mexican and Latin American newspapers seems to be annoying some of the gun bloggers. I followed a link from Mike Vanderboegh’s … Continue reading

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Is The US Arming Mexican Cartels?

Those of us who have been paying attention are well aware that only a small fraction of the guns SEDENA reports taking from criminals come from the United States. While a little more than half of a carefully selected sampling … Continue reading

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More On The Murder Of Jose Guerena

Police misconduct and related stories are off topic for this blog, so as usual, I will let an expert analyze the Officially Sanctioned Murder of Jose Guerena. Besides, Confederate Yankee is far more up to date than I am. I … Continue reading

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"Is Portland Violent?"

Someone came by searching for “is portland violent.” Well, it depends on which Portland. Portland Hoffa, Fred Allen’s wife, was shrill, not violent. Portland, Maine’s 2010 crime stats have not been released. Portland, Oregan’s 2010 crime stats show it to … Continue reading

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"Silicon Bullets"

Someone came by searching for “silicon bullets.” Silicon is of course an element, and the primary component of rocks and glass. Both have been tried, but as shot, not as bullets. Rocks were the primary projectiles in the original “alley … Continue reading

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Off Topic: Bam Supporters Trying To Force Justice Thomas To Sit Out ObamaCare Deliberations

Hmmm. FOX News reports several ObamaCare supporting CongressCreatures are trying to force Justice Thomas to recuse himself from that case. The ostensible reason is Justice Thomas wife receives a salary from an anti-ObamaCare group. While the notoriously close mouthed Justice … Continue reading

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