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Hacked Again, Two Days Posts Lost, No Biggie

I will just rewrite them – longer and with more detail. In the meantime the visitors logs are, as Arte Johnson used to say – “Verrrry interesting.” Stranger

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How Do People React To Hunger And Oppression?

Strategypage dot com has an extremely interesting overview of the current situation in The People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea. Everyone should be generally aware that the PRNK is one of the last true Marxian “Democratic Repubic.” As usual with … Continue reading

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Kate Marshall VS Mark Amodei In Nevada Special Election

The Nevada Democratic organization has named State Treasurer Kate Marshall to face Republican Mark Amodei in the upcoming special election for a US House seat. I know very little about either candidate. My usual sources have very little on either … Continue reading

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First, They Disarmed Them. Then They Came For Them

CNN has put a few of the stories of the captive women of the Holocaust on line. Titled “Silence Lifted: The Untold Stories Of Rape During The Holocaust,” it makes very grim reading. But change the names, and it could … Continue reading

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"Why Should Schools Teach Gun?"

Someone came by searching for “why should schools teach gun.” That is an expansive subject. Public schools can teach two things about guns; “shooting,” the art of hitting what you are aiming at; or “gun safety,” the science of being … Continue reading

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"Murder In Relationship"

Someone dropped by searching for “murder in relationship.” “Domestic homicides” and “jilted lover murders” seem to be subjects I have never specifically addressed. Taken together over time, those seem to account for eight to ten percent of all homicides. Of … Continue reading

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"Will Crime Be Reduced In The Future?"

Someone came by searching for “will crime be reduced in the future.” That depends. If the politicians do not stop the current rearming of America, and the NarcoCartels are contained at the borders, crime will continue to decline. The decline … Continue reading

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Was Johnny Cash An Anti-Gun Activist?

Browsing the web, I see that one of the Baldy Man’s disciples says Johnny Cash’s “Don’t Take Your Guns To Town” is an anti-gun song. The song is from 1958, and the entertainment industry’s gun control drives were more than … Continue reading

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Florence Henderson Tells All About Anti John Lindsay

I suppose you could call it schadenfreude, the same half guilty but half amused feeling you get when you find the Lambo that ran three oncoming cars off the road passing you is augured into a mudbank beside the road. … Continue reading

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African Villagers Fight Back With Home Made Shotguns

Wired Magazine has a story that every gunnie should read. It tells of the people of Obo, in the Central African Republic, who are using homemade shotguns to fight off the predatory rape and pillage cult called the Lord’s Revolutionary … Continue reading

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