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“Why Repeal Gun Controls In Haste?

Someone left a contact post asking why not wait until we see what happens with the relaxed gun laws we have, instead of trying to overturn restrictive gun laws such as the District of Columbia’s. While a short answer is … Continue reading

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Percent of Crimes Committed With “Illegal Guns?”

Someone came by searching for “what percentage of crimes committed with illegal and legal guns.” Before I answer that, I need to make a couple of points. Well, four points. Since very few guns are themselves illegal, I assume the … Continue reading

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HCI/Bracdy Center Loses Another, Ordered To Pay

One of the historic names in the gun ban movement, Handgun Control, Inc., has cropped up in the news. The Foundation funded anti-gun group that has morphed into the “Brady Center” has reportedly lost another lawsuit. The Washington Free Beacon … Continue reading

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Access To Guns And Observed Crime Rates

Earlier today, someon in FOX News Megan Kelly show spouted at great length about how wonderful European gun laws are. Someone signing themselves “Saybolt” expounded at length on just how wonderful European gun laws, and England’s gun laws in particular … Continue reading

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Are Gun Crime Rates Soaring?

Someone came by searching for “gun crime rate soaring.” While there are almost 150 “nation-states” in which violent crime is soaring, and you can easily find reports claiming violent crime is rising that is untrue. According to the latest full … Continue reading

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“What Percentage Of Violent Crimes Are Committed By Concealed Carry Weapons Permit Holders?”

Someone came by Extranos Alley searching for “percent ccw holders who commit violent crimes.” The search does not specify a per year or or lifetime percentage, bu whether the search is for one year or over many years the number … Continue reading

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Pertinent Numbers On Populations, Guns, And Crime

For a few pertinent numbers about Americans and gun ownership: There are approximately 256 million Americans who are old enough to possess a long gun. There are approximately 244 million Americans old enough to buy and possess a handgun. Of … Continue reading


It Is True Than An Armed Society Is A Polite Society

Science fiction writer Robert Heinlein is often credited with the brief aphorism “An armed society is a polite society.” While the quote from Lazarus Long in “Time Enough For Love” may or not be intuitively true,  it leaves a question … Continue reading

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