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How Much Muzzle Energy For Self Defense?

One of the most common searches at Extranos Alley is “how much energy for self defense?” It is hard to say “you need exactly 324 foot pounds of muzzle energy because…” to such a question. More people are killed with … Continue reading

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Should Some Americans Be Denied Gun Rights?

The gun control advocates have made it clear. They believe anyone with as much as an overtime parking ticket should e denied the right to possess or carry a gun. They seem to believe that a parking ticket is the … Continue reading


Was Concealed Carry Or More Guns Responsible For The Decline In Crime?

Someone came by searching for “more guns, more ccw, make crime rate go down.” I assume the question was for something like “Were more guns or more concealed carry responsible for the decline in crime after 1991?” If so, there … Continue reading

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On Gun Safety – And Gun Control Lies

New York’s former mayor, Michael Bloomberg, backed with fifty million dollars of his own money and a reported two hundred million from from his billionaire friends, has hired a staff of propagandists to sell his gun ban program as “gun … Continue reading


The State Of Policing The U.K.

The Daily Mail has a telling report on the sad state of the underfunded and desperately shorthanded British police. Briefly quoting the Daily Mail report linked above: A businessman who dialled 999 as masked raiders ransacked his shop was astonished … Continue reading

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Why Do Americans Buy Multiple Guns?

The short answer to that is “because they want them, tut that is not generally the case. For one thing, guns make good investments, with far greater price stability than commodities such as gold. A Colt Government model purchased for … Continue reading

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Guns Are Civilization: 1010 Years Of Murder

How long people have had guns is in doubt. When I was a sprout, the sotry went that a monk, using a Chinese fireworks formula, invented the first gun around 1,000 AD. Lately, the most common estimate has been the … Continue reading

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How Many Americans Have A License To Carry?

With numbers current to January 16, 2016; there were approximately 12,800,000 valid Concealed W Carry Weapons (CCW) permits, sometimes called Licenses to Carry or LTC’s. It should be kept in mind that some jurisdictions refuse to provide the number of … Continue reading

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“How Are Guns Sold?” Gun Sales And Purchases

Someone left a contact comment asking for information on how guns are sold. That will necessarily involve a few words about why guns are purchased, as well. So, to begin, a gun is, as Chief Inspector Colin Greenwood commented to … Continue reading

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