Is England Dangerous?

Someone stopped by searching for “is england dangerous.” I assume the search was for personal danger, and not the danger of England starting a war of conquest.

If so, there are dry statistics, and then there are comparisons.

England is not as dangerous as Venezuela. London is not even as dangerous as Juarez. But by comparison, England is more dangerous than most of Europe. And also by comparison most of Europe is about as dangerous now as it was in 1920 – while England is many times more dangerous than it was before gun control. And before on-the-spot fines, wrist slaps for almost every crime, and so on.

You can still do serious time in most of Europe, something England lacks the warehouse space to implement. With little reason to fear either State or individual action, England’s criminals essentially prey as they please.

And it shows, with polls showing essentially the same number of crimes each year in both England and the United States. But England has one fifth the population of the United States.

So yes, England is dangerous. Nothing that an open season on predatory criminals would not repair, but England is dangerous.


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