Another Straw In The Wind For UK's Crime Rates

From the Daily Mail, I see England’s conviction rate for forcible rape is just 6%. And the British government plans on cutting the penalty for rape in half if the rapist pleads guilty.

The United States 13 percent conviction rate is not wonderful, but it is in line with most of the industrialized world. Overall, though, American rape victims are almost three times as likely to report that crime as residents of England and Wales. With a conviction rate of just six for every 100 reports, I can well understand why British crime victims are so reluctant to report crimes against their persons.

British crime victims know the criminal will still be out there, although there may be a brief period of safety after the unlikely chance of a conviction. The person who hurt them is likely to come back for a second helping – and they cannot legally defend themselves. Not even with a pen knife.


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