Vivian Schiller, EX NPR, Joins NBC

Under the “Know Thy Enemy” category, Politico reports former Soviet tour guide Vivian Schiller has joined NBC News.

Schiller has quite a track record, from her college days studying Russian and Soviet history; her years in Moscow as a tour guide; and her ten years with Turner Broadcasting.

And her tenure as NPR, where National Public Radio made a hard jink left – and wholeheartedly embraced gun control and other “progressive” doctrine.

It would appear reasonably certain we can tell which way NBC will come down on any gun related story. I don’t know what Comcast has in mind but they have a great number of gun owner subscribers.

If it were me, I would hesitate to anger any large bloc of paying customers who, as Hubert Humphrey pointed out, never forget and seldom forgive.


My apologies. For the moment I had forgotten the fact that Russian tour guides were invariably agents of one or the other of the Soviet intelligence services is not as commonly known as it was.


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