The Daily Mail tells the sad story of two tamed owls – who have been declared “too dangerous” for the streets of Plympton.

The Mail item starts this way: “Every day for the past nine years, bird-lover Russell Burt has been taking his pet owls out for a walk. He’s a popular attraction in the picturesque Devon town of Plympton.”

Nine years on, and never so much as an incident? Yet the vacuous members of the council banned Mr. Burt from the streets and byways of their town.

Why? Because some brain dead individual complained of bird abuse, saying “Owls are nocturnal and they need to sleep during the day.”

Obviously, both the complainant and the Council know about as much about owls as a hog knows about bacon. Many owls, strigiformes, are indeed low light or night hunters. But the most common owls primary hunting period is twilight and dawn. And the time between “can see and can’t see.” That is the time the small rodents, insects, and other prey are most visible to the owl’s huge eyes.

Personally, since the owls “enjoy getting out” I think the Plympton council should be prosecuted for cruelty to owls. And if there is any justice in this world, the lot of them will be reincarnated as field mice.


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