Why Do Americans Buy Multiple Guns?

The short answer to that is “because they want them, tut that is not generally the case.

For one thing, guns make good investments, with far greater price stability than commodities such as gold. A Colt Government model purchased for $87.00 fifty years ago, and kept in its original box, is worth close to $800 today. And you can do much better than that if you are careful about which make and model you choose to invest in.

Someone stopped by searching for “why buy more than one gun a month.”

I presume the search was related to Kali’s “One gun a month” law the anti-gun, and therefore pro-crime, legislature is working on.

While there are many reasons, including purchase of a collection the principal reason is for gifts. Guns have always been highly desirable gifts, and purchasing a gun for wife, a gun for son, a gun for daughter and a gun for self is quite common.

And on Christmas morn, Pop can smile broadly and say “Now we won’t have to share a gun when we go to the range.”

And of curse, collectors frequently buy matched pairs, consecutive serial numbers, “left and rights” or some part of a collection that particularly interests them.

But investment comprises only a small part of the market for guns. Collector purchases are much more common.

Speaking personally, my last “multiple purchase” was a consecutive serial numbered pair of pre-1968 PPK’s, NIB, and evidently unfired. As they remain after more than 40 years.

Far more multiple purchases are made for gifts. A friend’s triplet daughters received identical Browning handguns on their 15th birthday. As did his wife a few days later.

So there are a few of the reason’s people make multiple gun purchases.

And, despite much propaganda, very few with crime on their minds buy a gun from a dealer, leaving a paper trail from the gun maker to their front door.

Study after study finds the same thing. Criminals obtain guns from “friends and relatives” who are also working criminals. They are cheap, they can be disposed of without a qualm, and the paper trail ends with the legitimate purchaser.

So those are just two of many reasons to buy more than one gun at a time. But lawful purchasers, who pay retail prices, are not the problem.

Considering “one crime per criminal victimization, legitimate gun purchasers for fr less than six percent of firearm facilitated criminal victimizations.


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