The State Of Policing The U.K.

The Daily Mail has a telling report on the sad state of the underfunded and desperately shorthanded British police.

Briefly quoting the Daily Mail report linked above:

A businessman who dialled 999 as masked raiders ransacked his shop was astonished when a lone police community support officer on a bicycle turned up ten minutes later.

The gang, believed to be armed, were still at the children’s clothing boutique when Sam Islam rang.

The U.K’s financial problems only exacerbate the problem. At best, one Officer on duty for every 700 people will only cut the crime rates by a fifth, while England and Wales has six times the U.S. rate.

The U.K.’s real problem is their insistence that self defense with a gun or a knife is a cause of crime. The result of that fallacy can be seen in the chart below, which plots the increase in the U.K.’s violent crime rates after the almost complete gun ban following the Dunblane School Massacre:


Not enough officers and not enough cells make matters that much worse. But the real problem is that violent British criminals have no fear of the public and even less far of the police.


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