Was Concealed Carry Or More Guns Responsible For The Decline In Crime?

Someone came by searching for “more guns, more ccw, make crime rate go down.”

I assume the question was for something like “Were more guns or more concealed carry responsible for the decline in crime after 1991?”

If so, there was certainly a major decline in the number of crimes reported to the police after 1993. You can see that decline in the graphic at the link, or in the violent crime graphic, below:

19502014USVIOLENTCRIMEGun sales from 1969 to approximately 2000 were severely depressed due to several factors. One was the incessant and well funded gun control/ban drives, many of which were funded to the tune of $70 million 2016 dollars a year for years on end. Another reason was the “three day waiting period,” which was supposed to keep criminals from getting guns. As you can see from the chart below, taken from ATF Firearms in Commerce data:

gunsales Except for a brief bump resulting from Hillary Clinton’s Assault Weapons Ban, gun sales stayed just below five million guns produced, and prsumably sold per year while violent crime rates were dropping like a rock.

And that leaves Concealed Carry. The graphic below shows the rate of increase in actual carry, year on year for the period of interest:

CONCEALEDCRRYRATE As you can see, when concealed carry was a novelty, and increasing at a relatively fast rate, crime and murder rates plummeted. when the year on year increase fell off, due to anti-gun activity impeding passage of new Concealed Carry laws, the rate of decline of crime fell off.

Obviously, the rate at which citizens carry; and therefore a criminals risk of getting shot while engaged in his or her trade increased, the lower the violent crime rates became.

In one respect, we have enough guns to provide a carry weapon to every American. In another respect, we do not have nearlyi enough Americans carrrying to fully inhibit criminal activity.

While criminals are much like the poor, we shall always have both the poor and the criminal with us, we should strive to make the risk of crime as high as possible, so so our people will be as crime free as possible.


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