Should Some Americans Be Denied Gun Rights?

The gun control advocates have made it clear. They believe anyone with as much as an overtime parking ticket should e denied the right to possess or carry a gun. They seem to believe that a parking ticket is the equivalent of murder when it comes to access to a firearm.

However, most of the crimes “That may be punished by one year or more in prison” that disqualify an American from owning a gun are non-violent crimes, and for the most part do not indicate there is any risk that the individual will graduate to violent crimes.

The cohort of people who will, at some time during their lifetime, commit a violent crime is very much smaller than the ten million who have lost their gun rights. While the number is not known with exactitude the most common number I hear is one in twenty, or five percent – 500,000 – of ten million who have lost their gun rights..

So we have a pool of 500,000 individuals who may commit another violent crime during their lifetimes – and 322 million of us who are very unlikely to collect anything more serious than a traffic ticket.

Limiting anyone’s God given right of self defense is an extremely serious matter. To take a person’s rights to defend themselves because they have committed a non-violent crime is clearly an injustice.

Crime and homicide numbers dating back 25 years before there were regularly enforced gun control in the United States show just how little risk there was in letting anyone with the money buy, possess, and carry a gun:


Clearly, the homicide rate when anyone with money could buy and carry a gun was far lower than today’s rate.

The presence of armed members of the “victim class” severely inhibits violent crime. so limiting firearms access is far less successful than one might think, even with numbers at hand.

So the question should be whether or not to relax gun laws. Given the very much lower homicide and violent crime rates when such laws are relaxed or repealed, the answer to that becomes obvious.

More guns mean less crime, and we need less crime.


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