Arkansas: The Cost Of Gun Control

Arkansas is the fourth State in our 52 post serious with the National cost of gun control since 1960, plus the States of Alabama, Alaska, and now Arkansas.

Each State has radically different incomes levels, its population has a different demographic mix of peoples, and of course different laws, imposed at different times. While Arkansas is no exception to that rule, as you will see the Wonder State3’s violent crime rates track the other 50 States,plus the District of Columb ia, to an amazing degree. While factors not related to crime – the collapse of Black employment in Chicago had a profound effect on Arkansas violent crime rates, with very few exceptions those are quickly and easily explained.

There are two key sets of number here, dates, and the percentage of increase in crime after imposition of a restrictive local, State, or Federal gun law.

The key dates are 1960, when the Defauver Commission wa hot on the trail of those who contemplated imposing Federal gun controls: 1963 when the entertainment industry began a national gun ban campaign, 1968, when that campaign paid off with two draconian State gun laws and the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968; 1973 wh the five full year point for the Gun Control Act of 1968, and 1993, the end year for the so-called Assault Weapons Ban campaign.

The numbers and rates given here can either at this convenient spreadsheet, or in the original printed copies of the FBI Uniform Crime Report kept on file at many police headquarters. And with that it is time to look at the numbers.

In the late 1950’s the job for unskilled and semi-skilled labor in the Chicago area had collapsed, with Black unemployment rose from below 3 percent to more than 11 percent, and many Black Arkies moved b ack to Marvell, Cotton Plant, Piggot,Stuttgart, Lake Village, and all points in between. With that note…

In 1960 Arkansas violent Law Enforcement Agencies reported 1,924 violent crimes to the FBI.

1963 saw 1,6987 violent crimes reorted to the FBI.

1954, the first full year of a national gun ban campaign s Arkansas LEA’s report 1,994 violnet crimes to the FBI.

1968, the fifth year of the first National gun ban campaign saw 4,360 violent crimes reported to the FBI.

1969, the first full year of year of Fedral gun controls saw Arkansas LEA’s report 4,390 violent crimes to the FBI.

1973, the fifth full year of Federal gun controls saw Arkansas LEA’s report 5,906 violent rimes to the FBI.

And finally, the peak year for violent crime in Arkansas was 1995, when low skill jobs started going “offshore,” and Arkansas LEA’s reported 14,598 violent crimes to the FBI. The The chart below show violent crime rates soared under the influence of State and local gun control laws:

Changing the topic slightly, What are the chances that some other factor is responsible for these the increase in homicide and violent crime already noted?

As the investigators saying goes, “When everything else has been eliminated, what is left must be truth.” My friends and I have painstakingly gone through every feasible suggestion an for an alternative cause, and come up dry. Now, it was not adding tetraethyl lead to gasoline, that was don as early as 1929, and was nearly universal by 1933, the year relaxed enforcement of gun laws caused the violent crime rates to fall. Other suggested causes, such as demographic shits, and even mattress types have been investigated, and discarded. What remains are the restrictive gun laws that are shared by the f50 States and thge District.

But what is the probability that this pattern of increase in vioelnt crime could be just a coincidence?

Each State’s violent crime rates consist of four parts; homicide/murder, rape,robbery, and “Aggravated Assault. the probability that any STate’s four crime rates would rise and fall in almost immediately after imposition of gun restrictions is remote, on the order of 3,000 to 15,000 1,500 to 1. Multiply that by the four violent crimes tracked by the FBI, and then multiply that by 1,500 again for each time a violent crime rate rises and falls as gun laws are made more or less restrictive and the probability that there is any other reson for the observed fluctuations is indeed minute.

So far, with just three states posted, the probability that gun control is the primary factor in the ries of violent crime is grater than one trillion to one.

With that,let’s continue by considering the cotst Wonder State’s of gun control costs the people of Arkansas. As you can see by comparing Arkansas homicide rate to the rte for other STates, they track quite closely, especially considering Arkansas is a hideout fr criminals frim th e Memphis, Shreveport, and St. Louis areas:

Turning to the cost of gun control, The current estimate of the cost of gun control since 1960, starting with the number of excess lives lost, medial care and treatment for the wounded and disabled, the cost of disability, lost companionship, lost wages, goods destroyed, damaged or stolen, the extra costs of so law enforcement and other coss total a staggering $68,000,000,00, sixty eight billion dollars.

Obviously, my friends in the Wonder STate, from McGhee and Dumas to Siloam Springs and Gravette; from Rector and Piggot to Texarkana,have paid an enormous price in lives, suffering, and treasure for the gun control fable.

It is time to say “Enough” to laws that drive violent crime rtes sky high and preempt every restrictive State and Local gun law; and impowse a reasonable find for anyone who attempts enforce preempted laws, or crate new laws to evade preemption.


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