Georgia; The Cost Of Gun Cotnrol

Continuing the second “Cost of Gun Control” series with Georgia, the next State in alphabetical order, Delaware, we will again see the State fit the profile of a gun control venue as the key dates and rates are noted.

As usual with this series, all crime numbers mentioned here are from the FBI Uniform Crime Report,either from the printed or internet editions, available at many police headquarters, or from this convenient spreadsheet maintaned by the disaster center.

There are multiple objectives in this series, the primary one being to demonstrate that the universal increase in all forms of crime when restrictive gun laws cannot be a result of coincidence. Since each State has different income levels as well as different demographics, the probability that crime rates will rise and fall in lockstep immediately after imposing or repealing a restrictive gun law are extremely remote. When you have hundreds of such “coincidences” crediting other factors than gun control becomes statistically impossible. A subject we will return to after we look at Colorado’s gun laws and crime numbers.

Georgia is one of America’s less affluent States, ranking 333rd with a mean income of more ust under $50,000.

Demographically, Georgia has three times the national avere of our most violent demographic, and 69.5 percent population groups with quite low violent crime rates. Something to keep in mind when we look at the crime rates.

Fortunately, Georgia has fairly informed gun laws, which help keep the violent crime rates well down, with 2015’s violent crime rate at slightly below the national average at 378.3 and the homicide rete at 6.0, both per 100,000 population.

For a quick comparison, the Peach State has four times the population of Chicago,and about 75 percent of the crime.

Georgia, with a much lower percentage of migrants from the Northeast and Central and South American,

With that, it is time to look at how the violent crime rates increase with Hollywood’s gun control campaign and Federal gun control laws.

The key dates and violent crime numbers

1960, the 27th year of a long term decline in crime following the repeal of Prohibition, when the violent when the Peach State Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA’s) reported a total of 6,282 violent crimes in 1960 to the FBI.

1963,the year the entertainment industry began a nationwide gun ban campaign;when Georga LEA’s 7.019 violent crimes to the FBI.

1964,the first full year of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign, when Georgia LEA’s reported 8,285 violent crimes to the FBI.

1968, the fifth full year of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign, and the year the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968 was imposed and Florida’s Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) reported 9,908 violent crimes to the FBI.

1969, the first full year of Federal gun controls Georgia EA’s reported 11,235 violent crimes to the FBI:

1973, the fifth full year of Federal gun controls, which saw Georgia agencies report 19,738 violent crimes to the FBI.

19993 the yar Handgun Control’s “Assault Weapons Ban was signed into law, when Georgia Law Enforcement Agencies reported 50,019 violent crimes to the FBI

As you can see from the dates and numbers of violent crimes, every time a “gun control” l campaign came along, or restrictions on firearms were imposed, Georgia’s violentcrime numbers and rates increase, with an 833 percent increase in violent crime rates in just 30 year.

In that year, Florida gun buyers began to purchase defensive

At this point, let me also point let me mention that before the entertainment industry’s gon ban campaign, the percentage of firearms facilitated violent crime was below 50% with guns being used in 46.1 percent of homicides in 1959. While the rate gun use increasing as restrictions are placed in the law abiding’s possession and transport of firearms.

The 2015 FBI Uniform Crime Report shows Georginas suffered 585 murders, with 464 of those firearms related, for a 78.5 percent firearms homicide rate. As you will see as we continue the series, a sharply increased percentage of gun related crimes is typical of gun control legislation.

With that, here is the chart documenting the increase in violent crime rates resulting from gun control legislation:

As you can see, Floridians are far less likely to become a victim of a criminal than they have been since the 1940’s.

However, while the murder rate is the smallest of the four categories of violent crime, it is the one gun ban activists use for shock effect. SO here is a chart of Georgia’sh omicide rate from 1960 to 2015, showing murder rates lso rise and fall in lockstep with gun control activity.

Please note That since Gergia’s population more than doubled, from 55,480,000in 1981 to 10,250,000 in 2015, these numbers indicate a sharp decline in the homicide rate beween the two years:

As you can see in the chart and verify at the link in the first paragraphs, Concealed Carry and Open Carry have put a lid on Florida’s homicide rate.

While there are differences, most due to the strictness of the individual laws as well as the level of enforcement; as well as demographics and economics, those differences are generally far less than the difference between no gun control and gun control.

Why can we be sure Florida’s violent crime rates rise in lockstep with multi State gun control campaigns and federal gun laws and not something else?

The investigators saying has it that “When everything else has been disproven, what remains must be true.” Literally everything, from electric lighting to leaded gasoline to color television to video games has been blamed for rising violent crime rates.

Violent television programming and the rise of drug and human trafficking to be minor causative factors in the prevalence of violent crime, but gun control is the primary triggering factor.

We have gotten to the point where the probability that gun control caused all the crime increases noted so far in this series that we have moved past most named numbers.

At present, the probability is approximately 1 in 13.4*10^700, or nine orders of magnitude grater tan the estimated number of sub-atomic particles in this universe. Meaning it is conceivable, but you could count grains of sand for the 13.5 year estimated age of the universe with making more than a dent in the sand pile.

Obviously, Georgia has paid a terrible price for its failed experiment in gun control, beginning with $2,200,000 for each excess homicide, the cost of medial treatment resulting from gun control at a mean cost of $36,000 for each extra person shot or cut, the cost of disability and continuing medical care, the cost of goods disappeared, damaged or stolen, as well as the cost of extra security, added law enforcement,prosecution,prisons,and probation and parole.

The estimated cost of Georgia’s ‘s Federal gun control experiment is a staggering $134,000,000,000 over 54 years, and climbing by the second. That is far too high a price for a nation to pay for a series of laws that only make matters worse.

It is time for Congress to do wht it is paid to do,and preempt all State and Federal gun laws that exceed current Federal gun restrictions, i institute a study of existing gun laws and forbid any laws modeled on failed gun laws; as well as impose a reasonable fine,at least $100,000 a day,on those who attempt to enforce preempted gun laws,or to craft new laws to evade Federal preemption.

Lives are too valuable to waste just because someone things getting on the public payroll paints a target on his back.


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