How Dangerous Is England? This Dangerous…..

The Daily Mail reports British Police have been forbidden to enter a thug’s hangout after dark because it is too dangerous.

The local chief says he will not allow his officers in a city park because of poor lighting. The city council and the local residents don’t think much of the excuse. They complained the inspector’s announcement that the park was too dangerous for officers would mean a free-for-all for the dozens of children that sometimes converge there, causing noise and thousands of pounds worth of damage on a regular basis.

Briefly quoting the Daily Mail news item:

Town councillor Richard Fulcher said: ‘I and many other councillors were disgusted with his comments.

‘What on earth sort of society have we got where police officers refuse to go anywhere after 8pm?

‘What Inspector Sullivan has done is to declare this part of Wisbech a no-go area because of poor lighting.’

Another councillor, David Patrick, said: ‘I had to ask for confirmation from the inspector to ensure I had heard it right the first time.

‘He said police officers wouldn’t go into the park because it was dark. Don’t they carry torches?’

Essentially, this confirms much that I have already heard from friends. The official policy is to avoid at all costs sending officers into a place where there may be a confrontation with the violent youngsters called “yobs.” So good luck to the council on getting any relief for the elderly who live close to that attractive nuisance called “Waterlees Park.”

Of course, they could play classical music from sunset to sunrise and drive the yobs off. But that would deprive the yobs of their civil rights. Which are ever so much more important than the lives and well being of those who actually pay taxes.


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  1. Gunnutmegger says:

    England deliberately distorts its crime stats to make the crime problem less obvious.

    “Note, too, that the BCS polls homeowners, not renters. This immediately skews the results by deflecting attention from poorer neighborhoods, which are the areas likely to have the highest crime rates. And the pollsters have only been sampling children under 16 since January 2009, so crimes against youths haven’t been recorded.”

    “If a respondent claims to have been the victim of a particular crime more than five times in the past year, the pollsters are instructed to enter the number as five. For instance, if a homeowner in a high-crime area reports that feral youths vandalize his property every week, his report will enter the database as five crimes, not 52.”

    Read the whole thing, and you will be prepared to pounce next time someone claims that England has low crime.

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